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12 Volt Auto and Car Accessories

Digi Wrench - 12 volt digital impact wrench With 250 ft-lbs of torque this powerful wrench can help makes changing tires and other tasks much easier. The digital readout display makes acurrate tighening a snap. Digi Wrench, 12v Digital Impact Wrench
Magnetic Swivel Light The perfect light for working on your car late at night, roadside emergencies, or a little more light where you need it. EZ-Lug Wrench
NoCord® brand SummerSeat This seat cushion uses a fan to circulate air through a specially designed mesh. Keeping your legs and back cool and confortable during the sticky summer months. 12 volt cooling seat cushion

Don't let the name fool you, 12v Auto Tech isn't only about carrying the most comprehensive selection of 12v accessories for cars. We have tons of 12 volt accessories and appliances that are also great for boats, trucks, RV's, or big rigs. No matter how you choose to roll across this "spaceship earth"1 12v Auto Tech can give your next trip a touch of Tech that will help you do "what they say can't be done."2

We have scoured for the best of what the automotive industry has to offer. Not only do we carry innovative 12 volt auto accessories in production today, we also put forth a great deal of effort to make sure that we are carrying the highest quality goods available. After all, 12v electrical auto, boat, plane, truck and RV accessories are a pretty niche market; We can afford to know what we're doing.


1. Quote attributed to R. Buckminster Fuller. We here at 12v Auto Tech would like to give a gentleman's nod to Buckminster Fuller for enriching the lives of humanity.
2. Quote attributed to the song "Smokey and the Bandit". More contexted quote: "Load 'em up and truck 'em We're gonna do what they say can't be done."

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