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Portable 12 Volt Power Station
Quiet Portable Electrical Power Station
Use the Jump Start as a 12 volt DC power supply or 110 AC
A portable power station from 12v Auto Tech gives you the electrical power to run your 220v AC appliances anywhere. Each package features a powerful 12 volt DC power supply with a very efficient DC to AC power inverter / adapter.
  • Do you want to setup your office outside on a beautiful spring day?
  • Maybe you have a few 12 volt appliances that you want or need to operate on the road.
  • Do you look for electricity when your camping? Tailgating? Or just away from home?
  • Perhaps your interest in having portable electricty is a little more prudent? If a storm takes out the power to your house this year, wouldn't it be nice to have a little more electricity than a pack of batteries?
The Portable Power Station is for you. With an 800 amp JumpStart and a DC/AC 12 volt power inverter, you can power any small appliance or electronics any time any where, even televisions!

Each of our Portable Power Station packages is a tremendously powerful set of tools with dozens of uses.
  • Portable electricity in remote locations
  • Emergency household power
  • Portable 12 volt DC power supply
  • Rechargeable, powerful, sealed lead acid battery
  • Use it to jump start your car
  • Use or recharge 110V AC electronics like cell phones and laptops in your car, while driving
  • With a Jump and Pump Package you can use the air compressor for tires, bicycles, inflatable toys, pools and more!
  • Manufacturer's Warranties
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Jump and Pump 800 amp jumpstart
800 amp Jump and Pump with air Compressor
400 Watt AC DC Inverter
The 400 Watt Inverter Adapter

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